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Create vitality in your life

Coaching is a tool applied consciously to address the transitions of life and work.

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Moving from functional to optimal

Effective coaching releases the energy you spend on recurring patterns or stagnant states so that you can redirect the energy in a meaningful and joyful manner. It broadens your world view, strengthens relationships and aims to unlock your potential.


Coaching is not therapy, however both should create a safe, non-judgemental space to be listened to and heard. A licensed therapist provides clinical care to address mental and emotional health. Therapy and Coaching can, and do, co-exist but they have different methodologies and different practitioners.

Certified coaches who uphold the ethical code of conduct are required to refer clients in need of therapy.

My Coaching Expertise

For Individuals:

  • Life and Transition coaching

  • Well-being coaching

  • Trauma informed coaching

For Teams:

  • Alignment facilitation

  • Communication and Cohesion facilitation

  • Intercultural Competence development

For Coaches:

  • Identity, Intersectionality and Positionality

  • Creating an inclusive coaching practice

Lisa has been my coach for the past 3 years. She has coached me on a regular schedule during this time, on a variety of topics ranging from business to personal and frequently as a coach's coach.

Being a coach myself, I recognize the immense value of these sessions and the enlightenment I have received by talking to Lisa. She is a consummate professional who knows how to tap into her intuition to bring value to a session. She provides the perfect balance of supporting your agenda and knowing when to intervene and encourage you to follow the feeling.

Lisa's astute coaching ability has been a tremendous asset to me through the past few years especially as we navigated the pandemic. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a coach, whether to navigate life, business or to find their own way as a coach.


Bramora Rebello
Certified Coach, VP HR, Coached by Bramora

Coaching Sessions

1 hour

  • Individuals

  • Team coaching package A (up to 4 people)

2 and 3 hour workshops

  • Team coaching package B (5-8 people)

  • Board and Committee Package (up to 15 people)

Full day

  • Available upon request

  • Priced to suit requirements


Individual Package

  • 6 one hour sessions minimum

  • Ideally 1 per week or bi-weekly for new clients

  • 1 per month for return clients or as needed

Team Coaching Package B

  • 5-8 People

  • Option A: 2 workshops with individual 1 hour coaching sessions in between

  • Option B: 2 workshops with two group coaching sessions in between

Team Coaching Package A

  • Up to 4 people

  • Option A: 1 workshop with 4 individual sessions

  • Option B: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly group sessions

Board and Committee Package (up to 15 people)

  • Tailored Workshop and individual coaching as requested

Coaching for Social Impact - reduced rates and cheque-exchange options for those belonging to the following groups:

  • Non-profits

  • BIPoC 

  • LGBTQ+

  • People living with a disability

  • Students & Entry level professionals (pay as you go model)

Start with a free discovery call

You should feel comfortable before you commit to a coach and I want to make sure that my expertise will work for you. I offer a free one time discovery call to talk through your needs and goals, no strings attached for either of us.


  • Individuals receive a 20 minute free discovery call

  • Organizations receive a 40 minute free discovery call

What you'll take away

My coaching practice aims to help individuals and teams thrive in their personal and working lives.

Self Discovery & Connection

Psychological Safety

Respect & Compassion

Integrated Eastern & Western Methodologies

If you need a therapist, I recommend:

Katheleen Panela Seguin 1.png

For 29 years I’ve been helping children, adults, and families find tools and strategies to grow and thrive together. I believe that better engagement and communication is the ultimate solution, not threats and punishments.

Asking for help can be hard, but I promise you, it’s never the wrong answer. I have deep experience with adults, children and those with special needs, working within the school system, as well as, within community organizations.

Photo of Lisa Macvicar


Let’s Work Together

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