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Inclusive Workplace Well-being

I help Real Estate and Human Resources professionals address equity in the workplace by integrating their physical and psychosocial spaces. 


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Employee well-being is Material

Organizations have the ability to positively impact well-being outcomes through their spaces and policies. We spend 90% of our time indoors, making the places we live and work great opportunities to deliver well-being interventions.


Your workplace is a physical container, your organizational culture is your psychosocial container - a powerful twin. Creating equity in the workplace requires both to be in harmony.


You don't have to start from scratch and there are many ways to embed Equity. Here are two entry points to consider:


  • Internationally, WELL Certification and Ratings focus on the built environment and policies to address health, safety, equity and performance.  Many companies now reference their WELL ratings, certification and WELL scores for ESG and CSR reporting.

  • In Canada we have the voluntary National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace. 

I offer integrated and tailored services specific to your organization's needs.

WELL Certification

Consultant and administrator, specializing in the Equity and Health-Safety Ratings

Inclusive Workplace Well-being

Assessments, Strategy development and Implementation that embody- Justice, Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity consulting (JAIDE)

WELL Faculty

WELL AP Exam preparation and workshop instructor

Standard Implementation

Integrating or implementing the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health & Safety in the workplace

Every organization is at a different state of maturity in their Inclusive Well-being Strategy.

If you are …


… curious about how WELL concepts or the Canadian National Standard can be integrated into your organization's employee well-being strategy, let's discuss where you are and where you want to be.


… an organization wanting to support your project managers, designers or HR professionals become WELL Accredited Professionals, I can help them prepare for the exam.


… a  WELL consultant, WELL EP or WELL AP and want specific help with a WELL project, I can help with specific WELL features, like policies for DEI and Community features requiring surveys.

We measure, prioritize and financially quantify the human factors that contribute to:


Burnout and Stress




Health and Lifestyle






Remote Work

Our assessments can analyze these outcomes by age, race, gender and accessibility.

My Partners

IHL logo

Institute for Healthy Leadership

We take a systemic approach to organizational performance through the lens of employee well-being. We diagnose, financially quantify and prioritize the critical factors affecting the worker’s ability to be productive and engaged. Our expert advisors partner with leadership to co-create appropriate strategies that have sustainable impact.

justone logo

We make sustainability simple by creating bespoke solutions for our changemaker businesses. Through our purpose-led approach we create industry leading sustainability strategies that enable businesses, people, and the planet to thrive.

What you'll take away

My consulting practice aims to empower your team and organization

Integrated services from a Diverse Supplier

Tailored & Culturally Sensitive Experiences

Meaningful Qualitative & Quantitative Data

Informed Strategies & Measured Impact

Lisa is a holistic experience - she listens, absorbs, understands, clarifies, and cares. She is informed and educated in multiple disciplines, modalities and philosophies ensuring that she can help you discover the solution that is best for YOU, without agenda or selfish motivation. The solution will fit you, not the other way around. A truer ally you will not find.

It is an honour and a pleasure to continue to work and collaborate with Lisa on an organisational and personal level. Our interactions always leave me invigorated and full of energy. It is time well spent and I can't recommend her as a partner strongly enough.


Tanya Piazza-Hughes

Sr. HR Manager, Principal, HOK


Let’s Work Together

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