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hello, i’m lisa

As a coach and consultant, I’m dedicated to creating inclusive well-being. 


I help Real Estate and Human Resources professionals co-create equity in the workplace by integrating their people and place strategies.

I support individuals who seek to create a life of vitality on their own terms.

Consultant & Instructor

I help clients embed equity into their organizations through inclusive workplace well-being assessments, strategies and practices.


Having worked with clients in non-profit, public and private sectors, I appreciate that each  organization has a unique culture and timeline as they work towards their goals.

I've known Lisa for many years, but last year had the pleasure of working with her on an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee that I am on. Her insight, knowledge and passion assisted us greatly as we were laying the groundwork for this newly formed committee. 


Lucia Toffoli De Biasio, Principal

LDB Design

Coach + Facilitator

I work with individuals and teams seeking clarity and fulfillment as they discover and live their evolving purpose. Every facilitation is approached with compassion and curiosity while embedding psychological safety and respect.


I specialize in coaching:

  •  Individuals as they navigate Life events and Transitions

  • Teams, boards and committees seeking Alignment and Harmony

  • Coaches looking to build EDI competency

Working with Lisa was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had in my career. Her coaching skills were invaluable to my professional development, and helped propel my career to new heights.

Sean Martin.jpeg

Sean Martin, Senior Project Manager

Sun Life Corporate Real Estate

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Let’s Work Together

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