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Intersectionally Me… 

My purpose is to help organizations and individuals advocate for and create environments that prioritize equity wherever they work.


I’m Gen X, married and a mother of two adult children. My lived experience includes being a first generation immigrant settler, who navigates systemic barriers as a woman of color, in a biracial marriage with a dyslexic brain.

I have 30+ years of experience in the fields of Interior Design, Real Estate, Workplace Consulting and Coaching. I hold certificates in Diversity and Inclusion, Psychological Safety in the Workplace and Change Management. 


During my time on Deloitte’s Workplace Strategy team, I co-authored two ground-breaking papers on Well-being and ESG. You can find paper one here and paper two here.

Lisa possesses a remarkable ability to lead with grace, coach with empathy and mentor through emotional intelligence. She is passionate, engaging, patient, and brings a holistic approach to all aspects of her work.


Through creating and facilitating a carefully tailored 6-week course in communication and conflict management, Lisa worked with my team of 18 to build strong working relationships, resulting in a group who fully supported each other and enabling them to consistently achieve high project success.


Lisa’s knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and ease of facilitation are an asset to anyone who has the privilege of working with her. I look forward to our next endeavor together.


Marla Schwisberg

Program Manager, BGIS Direct Interiors


Educator for the WELL AP EXAM Prep, WELL workshops and CEU presentations.

Team performance coaching and workshops, life and transition coaching

WELL Certification
administration and consulting.
Specializing in the Equity and
Health-safety Ratings.

Implementing Psychological
Health and Safety in the


Consulting & Workshops
involving Justice, Accessibility,
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. D&I Certificate from UBC.

Making change an Ally through
Change facilitation and

I met Lisa as she was asked to facilitate a workshop on communication for our Executive committee. In addition, I have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one coaching sessions with her. I found the workshop to be very engaging and a great refresher of new and prior learned skills. The pace of the workshop was great, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on anything we may be struggling with at the time. She was very thorough in her teaching methodology and ensured no one was left behind.


The Coaching sessions were a great help to me on a personal level. Lisa helped me identify areas where I am struggling in my role and gave me fresh perspectives to think about as I move through my journey as Vice-President. She helped me become aware and critically think of how other’s behaviors impact me both positively and negatively and use that as a stepping stone to move forward. She encouraged me to be more open with myself and my team, and allow for a greater learning experience, both from a team perspective and one-on-one with the other Executives. I highly recommend Lisa to work with a team looking to broaden or improve their communications and looking for fresh perspectives in their personal or organizational journey.


Christopher Schiafone, BASC. Psych. RS

Vice-President, Toronto Visionaries Chapter, Canadian Council of The Blind


Let’s Work Together

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